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National Day of Luxembourg



Luxembourg - Luxembourg


From: 2016.06.23 To: 2016.06.23



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The national day of Luxembourg is celebrated on June 23rd. The day is celebrated to commemorate the official birthday of the Grand Duke. The entire day is declared a national holiday, and festivities begin early in the morning. Luxembourg is surrounded by many big and small countries so lots of people pore into this tiny European country to enjoy the celebrations. There are great fireworks over the big gorge running through the middle of the city of Luxembourg, but before that there is a parade of both members of the Luxembourgian military several times around the city. After the parade there is a mass of thanks in the main cathedral and after that there is another parade. The fireworks are followed by an unbriddled party mood. People eat and drink, sing songs and play loud music and simply have as much fun as possible.

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