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National Day of Estonia



Estonia - Tallinn


From: 2016.02.22 To: 2016.02.23



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The Estonian National Day is celebrated on January 24, as it was on this day the country got independence from Russia in 1918. It is also known as the Estonian Independence Day. The day is marked by colorful parades organized by the government as well as various private organizations. Estonia was constantly ravaged by centuries of invasions and there was one thing that kept the spirit of the country going, and that was music. This is primarily the reason music is a big part of Estonian National Day celebrations. There are music concerts and dance festivals everywhere: in parks, in concert halls, in stadia, in public parks, specially constructed structures, the Tallinn center, and even on road. People dress in local costumes and perform folk dances around bon fires; Estonia enjoys a long folk music history.

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