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National Day of Belgium



Belgium - Brussels


From: 2016.07.21 To: 2016.07.21



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The National Day of Belgium is celebrated on 21st July. It was on this date when Leopold I became the king. Belgium being an historic nation it has been brought up many times by Julius Caesar in his books. It became an independent state on 4th October, 1830, but Belgians celebrate their National Day on the crowning day of Leopold I as the former king. In the year 1830, Belgians gained their independence from Netherlands and for this reason they thump their chest with honor and pride. On 21st July, roads are fully embellished with black, yellow and red colored balloons. Bystanders applaud and whistle with joy, as the royal family of King Albert II heads the annual military parade. The Belgian Ambassadors also throw a garden party on the National Day so as to celebrate their ecstasy with Ambassadors of other nation states. Belgians enjoy their National Day with jazz band’s live music, authentic Belgian cuisine, traditional Belgian fare and two Belgian tap beers. The entire Brussels is lightened up with spectacular fire work at night on 21st of July.

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