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National Day of Austria



Austria - Vienna


From: 2015.10.25 To: 2015.10.25



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Austrians celebrate their National day on 26th of October, as on this date the Austrians triumphed over the Soviet Union, signed a State Treaty and formed their individual Constitutional Laws. On this special day, the Ambassador of Austria hosts a party which is attended by other Diplomats of sister countries and they all take part in the National Parade. The entire Austria is decorated with colorful flags and red & white colors are high up to provide a celebratory look. Processions are organized in different parts where numerous people take part including dancers, singers and other people. The Austrian specialties are a spotlight for the grand celebration where all the people come together and pay tributes to those who forfeited their lives for Austria. Fireworks are specifically organized to add essence to the evening and to keep up the national spirit in Austrians.

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