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Narvik Winter Festival



Norway - Narvik


From: 2016.03.09 To: 2016.03.18



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Narvik Winter Festival is a symbol of the good relationship between the French and the Norwegiens. It all dates back to the time of the Second World War when they fought together against the German soldiers and managed to stop them for the first time. The first festival was organized by French legionaries posted to this city. This event soon got internationally known and the residents turned it into a great celebration of their own city. At the end of 19th century a railway was built between Kiruna and Narvik, which involved the hard work of carving into a frozen mountain. The Winter Festival is meant to honor those who worked there. It’s a time when the whole city is filled with music and dance. Artists from all around the country come here to entertain the public. It’s a huge party combined with the exquisite feeling of the past century.

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