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Vanuatu - PentecĂ´te


From: 2016.04.06 To: 2016.05.25



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Bungee jumping is for wimps, real men do Naghol. Naghol is a rites-of-passage ritual performed by men on the Pentecost Island. The men throw themselves of 30 metre high constructions with vines tied around their ankles. You might ask why? Of course, it's because of a tricky woman. Legend has it that a local women ran into the forest to escape from her husband's rough sexual demands. He followed, so she climbed up a tree. He followed too, so she tied some vines to her ankles and jumped. He followed without having tied vines to his ankles and plunged to his death. Since then, the gents have learned the importance of vines and show it off for one or two months a year. The locals understand why people are interested in the ritual, but also want to keep it from becoming to commercial so they limit the numbers of tourists to 50 per time. Accordingly, its strongly advised to book ahead.

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