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Mongolia - Ulaanbaatur


From: 2015.07.11 To: 2015.07.13



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How much of a manly man are you? Maybe you're not a man at all but think that you're still manly? Well, think again. Real men compete in Mongolia’s Enin Gurvan Naadam, which those of you fluent in Mongolian know means "the three games of men". Horse riding, archery and wrestling are the mainstays of this event that has been sorting out the manly men from the unmanly men for thousands of years. Forget the Olympics, this is the world's true test of sporting prowess and it's built on the sorts of sports that build an army, the type of army that can conquer the world. Students of gender studies stop spluttering on your herbal tea, ladies now take part too in the archery and horse riding events. Naadam takes place across the country, but the largest is in Ulaanbaatar.

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