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Mystic Skate Cup



Czech Republic - Prague


From: 2016.07.13 To: 2016.07.15



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Skater girls and skater boys, listen up! The Mystic Skate Cup is on again in Prague this year and it's gonna be wild! The Mystic Skate Cup is skateboarding heaven and creates a frenzy of excitement amongst the skating world. Running now for almost two decades and considered by many professional skate boarders to be the best event of its kind in Europe, the world's top riders will compete at the Mystic Skate Cup for a whopping $30,000 in prize money. With this kind of cash at stake, you can be sure all riders will be pulling out the moves and inducing as many 'ooh's and aah's' from the audience as possible! So get ready to be blown away by some totally tubular and death defying moves as the Mystic Skate Cup returns to Prague this year!

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