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Muziek & Meer Festival



Netherlands - Amsterdam


From: 2015.07.06 To: 2015.07.08



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Do you love the summer? Do you love the beach? Do you adore music? Do you dream of combining these things into one glorious, beachy, summery, musicy afternoon? Then the Muziek & Meer Festival is the one you've been waiting for! Located on the private and exclusive beach of Villa West in Velson, Holland, you will not believe your senses as you lie relaxing on the sand as a floating stage packed with pop, rock, soul and dance artists performing just for you! Grab a friend to feed you grapes, or perhaps just indulge in the salads, finger food and of course beer and champagne all provided at the Muziek & Meer festival. Or if you're not quite relaxed enough, there are on-site masseurs waiting to finish the job! The Muziek & Meer festival is sure to be the highlight of your summer, assuming you can still get up to dance after all that relaxing....

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