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Munich Christmas Market



Germany - Munchen


From: 2015.11.30 To: 2015.12.24



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Bavaria's market is similar to the rest in Germany in many ways, however there is a local Christmas custom that puts marriage as the key ornament to any Christmas feast, and couples look forward to finding special tree ornaments dedicated to ensuring happiness in marriage. Twelve in particular are said to bring blessings of a long and happy marriage. Meanwhile, you can be sure that though family-friendly values are heralded alongside homemade seasonal goodies, there's plenty of Munich's famous beer, too. Munich boasts nothing but home-cooked, handmade market pleasures during the annual Marienplatx Market. Breathe in the smell of heart-shaped gingerbread cookies and perk your ears to hear the strains of "the twelve days of Christmas" while admiring row after row of tenanbaum ornaments. Cleverly constructed scenes are sure to delight anyone who meanders past the edible goodies, sweets, ornaments, nativity scenes, and organized mess of smartly decorated toys and gift items. Warm up for your wander with spiced mulled wine.

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