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Moulid of Sayyed Ahem al-Badawi



Egypt - Ţanţā


From: 2015.10.15 To: 2015.10.31



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Moulids are Egyptian religious festivals that commemorate the birthday of a local saint and are something of a cross between a joyous carnival, a spiritual pilgrimage and a mystical Islamic ceremony. Tanta, nestled in the Nile Delta region about 90 km from Cairo, plays proud host to one of the greatest moulids in the country (which is quite something considering that there are about 3,000 such events per year), drawing up to three million pilgrims and revellers from Egypt and the Muslim world. The eight-day Tanta moulid pays tribute to the 13th-century Moroccan-born Ahmed el-Bedawi, the founder of Egypt’s largest Sufi order, who is believed to be buried in the city’s richly ornamented, triple-domed mosque – during the festival, thousands sleep inside and outside this building as a mark of respect. What else to expect? Chanting and ritual songs that send some into a trance-like state, boisterous parades and rolling drums, snake charmers, sheesha, sugared nuts, and much, much more.

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