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Montoire Dance Festival



France - Montoire-sur-le-Loir


From: 2015.08.08 To: 2015.08.15



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Know where the didgeridoo, angklung organ and balafon are from? Find out at the French Montoire Dance Festival, which is one of the world's largest international folk dancing and music festivals in the world. The festival places heavy concentration on folk instruments, with up to 500 unique local instruments brought from the likes of Perth and Paraguay to perform next to spirited dancers that have included the Bolivian National Ballet. Though nearly 20,000 people attend the event, it feels intimate. Spectators can meet and play with musicians, and are encouraged to can try playing everything from Aboriginal clapsticks to a bombo, a goatskin drum from Bolivia carved out of a tree trunk. Additionally, there is a crafts fair featuring related weavings, jewelry and other related folk goods and a restaurant serving the local dishes of the international participants.

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