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Milano Film Festival



Italy - Milan


From: 2015.09.12 To: 2015.09.23



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The Milano Film Festival brings together great works of cinematography with Italy's most cosmopolitan city. Every year since 1996 the festival has attracted both seasoned and aspiring filmmakers to see more than 350 works multiple unique venues such as the Dal Verme Theatre, the Piccolo Teatro and the Castello Sforzesco. Films included in the often focus on the history of the industry and regularly honor filmmakers who have made great contributions to the field. The festival also makes an effort to include diverse works, having special categories for films by Gypsies and immigrants. Additionally, the organizers also look for films that address important global topics such as social injustice committed under the banner of security and democracy. It's a festival with the hope of bring sharp ideas to mass distribution. Perhaps the most innovative aspect of the festival is its re-distribution project, which brings over 1,000 short and feature films with Italian and English subtitles to locals cinemas, schools, festivals and other institutions throughout the world. Be the first to see them during this 10-day event.

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