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Mike the Headless Chicken Festival



United States - Fruita


From: 2016.05.17 To: 2016.05.18



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Would you like to try compete in a “walking like a chicken with its head cut off“ comp, maybe you are better at the “chicken dance contest“ or you might even test your ingestion skills at the “wing eating contest“. All this, and much more, can be found at the bizarre festival that is Mike the Headless Chicken. Unlike many events that try to be cool, unique or weird, this one really is. The story goes right back to just after World War II, when a local guy called Lloyd Olsen wanted to decapitate Mike, the chicken, and seal its destiny as his dinner his cooking pot. However, Mike decided not to die after his decapitation and survived for another year and a half without a head which made him “The Headless Wonder Chicken". People from the small Colorado town Fruita decided to organize a festival to honor their headless fellow citizen. The organizers prepare many interesting performances, games, competitions and shows all marked by headless Mike. The locals certainly have an interesting sense of humor when they say that “attending this fun, family event is a NO BRAINER”.

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