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Mexican Independence Day



Mexico - México


From: 2015.09.16 To: 2015.09.16



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Fiestas Patrias celebrates five significant events in Mexican history, the most significant being the celebration of the Constitution in September, formulated after the Mexican Revolution in February that same year. More popularly known as Mexican's Independence Day, Fiestas Patrias is celebrated in Mexico City as the biggest event in the city's events calendar on the 15th September. The city is decked out with red, green and white banners and many tiny lights line houses and streets. One of Mexico City's major streets - 20 de Novembre - is blocked-off to host the celebrations including a huge parade, music, fireworks and even face painting. If you need a flag to wave, don't despair, there are vendors on every corner selling Mexican patriotic products. One can buy flowers, toys, candy, sombreros, sugarcane drinks and loaves of bread with 'Viva Mexico!' written on them. This important day will be a memorable and colourful experience for those who would like to see Mexican patriotism at its best!

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