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May Crosses Festival



Spain - Córdoba


From: 2016.04.27 To: 2016.05.05



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The May Crosses Festival (Cruces de Mayo) is celebrated in many parts of the Latin world, but the festival holds special importance in Córdoba, Andalucia where the most famous celebration takes place. As legend has it, Saint Constantine’s mother, Saint Helen, is the founder of this festival that is supposed to show special respect and veneration for the cross upon which Jesus was crucified. The festival begins with the “Battle of the Flowers”, a long procession of flower-covered floats around Córdoba that serves as a welcome party for Spring. Next comes the Patio Contests and the May Crosses. The Catholic brotherhoods and neighbourhood associations that decorate the crosses conveniently set up bars alongside to serve drinks and tapas to the partygoers – and let’s not forget the music. In addition to Sevillanas that are played during the day, there are live performances at night, which is also one of the best times to tour the city and view the crosses. While the Córdoba crosses are the most well known in Andalucia, there are also May Crosses traditions in most provincial capitals and many villages as well.

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