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Philippines - Bacolod City


From: 2015.10.01 To: 2015.10.22



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If you love to smile or would like to smile some more that you already do, you should definitely come to, what locals call, "the city of smiles“. The best time to visit Bacolod City is during its famous MassKara festival when the streets are flooded with the masses of smiling people for the carnival, beauty contest and other events under the stars. Join them in the parade and be one of the thousands of visitors that are dancing and partying in this vibrant city. Although this event is all about fun, it was launched during a dark and depressing time for the locals who believed that the best cure for sorrow is smile. The name of the festival means 'many smiles' and, according to organizers, it “is a celebration and expression of thanks for the abundance of blessings life brings them“. So, leave your worries behind and bring only your smile to this year's MassKara.

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