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Mass of the Great Sword



Italy - Cividale del Friuli


From: 2016.01.06 To: 2016.01.06



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The "Mass of the Spadone" celebrates the day of the Epiphany in Cividale of the Friuli in the Dome. The Deacon introduces himself, wearing a helmet adorned with feathers on his head, the sword in his right hand and a precious Evangelistary of the XII sec. in the left one. The ceremony remembers the investiture of the master of the region that the Patriarch used to receive from the hands of the Emperor .The sword with which the Deacon greets the people is still the same one that people from Cividale offered to the Patriarch Marquardo von Randeck, in the occasion of his arrival in Cividale. It is a religious ritual of which there is not a precise documentation that indicates the origin and the meaning. One thing is sure, this is one of the most unique and evocative liturgical rituals that the Church has preserved.

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