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Mari Llwyd



United Kingdom - Llanwrtyd


From: 2015.12.30 To: 2015.12.31



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All ye merry pranksters take heed! The Mari Llwyd (pronounced 'maree thwood') festivities in the town of Llanwrtyd Wells (pron. 'than-were-tud wells') celebrate New Year's Eve in a way that combines history, mischief and mirth. Mari Llwyd draws visitors into a centuries-old Welsh tradition of greeting the coming year with jokes and festive tunes. Along with a the Mari Llwyd horse (actually a person hidden under a robe carrying a decorated horse skull on a stick), revelers in the Mari Llwyd festivities participate in a traditional torchlight jaunt around the town, visiting houses armed with songs, rhymes, and the chattering teeth of the Mari Llwyd horse. By walk's end the New Year is just around the corner, and townsfolk and visitors alike continue the celebrations with a bonfire and fireworks party at midnight.

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