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Mardi Gras in Mobile



United States - Mobile


From: 2016.02.21 To: 2016.02.21



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The unlikely home to the first ever Mardi Gras in America back in 1703, Mobile in Alabama is THE place to be for Mardi Gras this year! The town comes to life with parades, floats, dress-ups and balls as the locals celebrate this long-standing tradition of which they are unbelievably proud. And it's easy to understand why, as the Mobile Mardi Gras is the longest running carnival in the whole of the United States, which is quite a feat in the context of a nation that truly loves its carnivals. Celebrating the spirit of fun and rebellion, legend has it that the Mardi Gras parade was started by a group of friends who, unwilling to finish their dinner party at the customary hour, took to the streets with cowbells, rakes and other noise-making utensils to wake their neighbors and teach the town how to have a good time! Apparently, their plot worked just fine, and the Mardi Gras tradition of fun and frivolity continues in the town of Mobile and indeed across the world to this day. So get yourself along to Mobile, Alabama and wake up some neighbors yourself this Mardi Gras!

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