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Manca Festival



Argentina - La Quiaca


From: 2015.10.21 To: 2015.10.28



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The Manca Festival in La Quiaca is held on the second and third Sundays of October. Also known as the Pot Party this festival hosts a large market featuring local crafts and products such as Llama wool and cooking pots. At the markets local musicians play traditional folk music and traditional indigenous dancing takes place. In the province of Jujuy on the border with Bolivia, La Quiaca is 3400 meters above sea level. The small town is considered to be the most significant town for tourism in the northwest of Argentina and is suitably fitted for visitors. Mud buildings from colonial times have been preserved and small stone streets add to the towns appeal. Traditions appear to be live and well in La Quiaca and the Pot Party market may just be the perfect time to visit.

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