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Man in the Iron Mask Festival



Italy - Pinerolo


From: 2015.10.06 To: 2015.10.07



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Pinerolo is not a very well known town, but for two days a year, this charming centre celebrates a famous and historical mystery known as La Maschera di Ferro (Iron Mask). This macabre story tells of a man during the Renaissance period, being so dangerous and maybe even well known, that he was ordered to wear an iron mask throughout his period in prison, and if it was taken off, he would have been killed. The town authorities want people to enter into this mystery along with them, through games, readings, masses, exhibitions, and so much more. Plus, there were dozens of historical figures involved with this person in some way, from D'Artagnan to Voltaire. So join them, and who knows, you might find a clue as to who this person was.

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