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Maldon Mud Race



United Kingdom - Maldon


From: 2016.04.25 To: 2016.04.25



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Put on your fancy dress and get down and dirty for this extremely competitive event, which raises thousands of pounds for charities every year. Past competitors came from such countries as Finland, Germany, the United States and New Zealand. This tradition goes back to 1973, when one of the regulars in a local pub was challenged to serve a meal on the riverbank while wearing a tuxedo. Originally the competitors raced across the river, where they had to take a pint of beer and race back. Now it’s a charity event, where participants can choose a charity to which they want to donate half of their money. The other half goes to local organizations selected by the Rotary Club. You need to run through 200 meters of mud and then back. It is a lot more difficult then you might imagine; however, it is also a lot more fun than you ever thought you could have with mud.

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