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Lueneburg Christmas Market



Germany - L√ľneburg


From: 2015.11.28 To: 2015.12.30



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This ancient salt-trading and Hanseatic town has a romantic Christmas market atmosphere, with Christmas lights showing its gabled houses and medieval churches to wonderful effect. Booths decorated on Brothers Grimm fairytale themes transform Lueneburg's pedestrian streets into a magical fairytale world. Christmas programme from 4pm daily. Lueneburg is located on the edge of the “Lueneburger Heath” between Hamburg and Hannover. The former salting and hanseatic city of Lueneburg was first mentioned in 956 due to its rich source of salt. In the middle ages, the so called "white gold" made Lueneburg into a very prosperous town; this is still evident today as most of its magnificent and historic buildings are still intact and in their former glory. Especially impressive is the St. Johannes Church with a 108 meter brick tower and the town hall, which is one of the biggest maintained medieval city halls in Germany. All around Lueneburg you will find some impresive gables and a great selection of historic buildings, including historic vaults, medieval breweries, historic salt works and an old port. The town also has some typical old German restaurants, beer gardens and street cafés. Salt is what created this town and well worth seeing, of course is the German Salt museum. The museum sees itself as a "hands-on Museum". Things worth knowing, things of interest, exciting and strange things about salt Here the visitor can find out in a clear and not very "museum" like way about the fascinating world of salt that surrounds us every day but what we are seldom aware of. An other highlight of Lueneburg is the SaLü thermal salt baths where one can swim in 36 degrees of naturally heated salt water.

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