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Lucerne Blues Festival



Switzerland - Luzern


From: 2015.11.10 To: 2015.11.18



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In Switzerland, there were little possibilities to experience the true blues live. This was one of the reasons for the founders and organisers to initiate the Lucerne Blues Festival. To bring blues to a wider audience is still a major commitment for them. The festival has always been a non-profit event and there are no financial interests from the organisers’ side. The festival’s aims are: •Increase the level of awareness for blues •Give blues supporters the possibility to enjoy world class blues live in Switzerland •Provide the musicians with a platform, where the focus is completely on them Keeping this background in mind, it is clear that the Lucerne Blues Festival is not ready to make concessions in the execution of the event. Sponsors and donors are greatly appreciated - their support is vital to the festival. But the festival is not an advertisement platform and the visibility of the sponsors is strictly regulated so that no attention is taken away from the actual performances. Sponsors are given special opportunities during the festival such as the sponsors’ evening. The participating musicians appreciate the festival’s focus on music and its efforts to keep the commercial aspects away from the actual scenes. Blues players with a worldwide reputation are open for an invitation. But the festival does not offer a platform for “superstars” that play a blues that borders commercial pop and rock music. It is not in the festivals interest to attract a larger audience with popular music and therefore the organisers don’t make any concessions in that respect. On the other hand, the organisers feel committed to enhance the level of awareness for blues and therefore involve the musicians that perform at the festival in a project called “blues at school”. Within this project, the musicians actually bring the blues to Lucerne high schools by playing for the students and answering their questions. The Lucerne Blues Festival will always stay focused on its commitment to spread the blues and its goal to stage a top quality blues festival. Lucerne will once again become, the city of blues.

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