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Lop Buri Monkey Festival



Thailand - Lop Buri


From: 2015.11.24 To: 2015.11.25



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Did you know that monkeys can never catch a cold? Or that the smallest monkey in the world, the pygmy marmoset, grows no more than 6-inches long? Monkeys are adorable and curious creatures, which is why the town of Lop Buri throws a festival in their honor every year. This provincial capital is home to approximately 2,000 monkeys, who got so adapted to the local way of life that they now constitute an integral part of its culture. The festival is also sometimes referred to as a ‘Monkey Buffet,’ because the main event of the day is preparing a buffet for monkeys, which consists of tons of their favorite meals, including bananas, eggs, cucumbers and other fruits and vegetables. The Guardian describes this event as one of the strangest festivals in the world, and rightfully so. It is precisely because of the odd nature of this festival that you should join it this year.

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