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Lithuanian Fair



United States - Los Angeles


From: 2015.10.03 To: 2015.10.05



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According to the legend, a beautiful queen of the Baltic Sea, mermaid Jurate, was punished for falling in love with a mortal man. She was killed and her amber palace got destroyed. Now when Lithuanians find amber, they find a piece of Jurate’s destroyed palace. Lithuanian culture is full of intriguing legends like this, based on hundreds of years of history and traditions. Los Angeles annually hosts the biggest Lithuanian cultural event in the world outside of Lithuania. Thousands of people join the festivities to learn more about Lithuanian fashion, historical figures, art, traditional cuisine and simply to have a good time. The fair is conveniently organized in fall, one of the best times of the year to visit LA. You will find great art exhibitions, food sampling, folk dances and music, tons of fun activities for children, storytelling and fashion shows. Try mouthwatering Lithuanian dumplings, blynai crepes, arbata tea and kvass. Bring your friends and family for a wonderful weekend in the Baltics.

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