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Lisbon Marathon



Portugal - Lisbon


From: 2015.12.09 To: 2015.12.09



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Hot on the heels of the fall marathon circuit, the Lisbon Marathon is the perfect cool winter run. The winter months in Portugal are not frigid, so a marathon that sweeps through this capital city is regularly written up as one of the most beautiful and interesting runs for December. Lisbon is the westernmost capital city on mainland Europe, and during the 16th century the region was the departure point for the Age of Discovery, when boats took off for the New World and its riches. Be sure to look out for architecture from this period, such as the Belém Tower, a UNESCO World Heritage site as well as other gothic facades, symbolic of Portugal's golden years as the colonial capital. During the marathon, the historic city serves as a point of historical rediscovery for runners. The event is the perfect tour, it begins at Praça do Comércio and runners can take three different routes, all which come full circle. 

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