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Larmer Tree Festival



United Kingdom - Larmer Tree Gardens


From: 2016.07.11 To: 2016.07.15



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Once upon a time a man named James Shepard was out jogging on the Cranborne Chase when he came across the Larmar Tree Gardens in 1990. The place already had a history of partying, music and events and it was this that inspired James Shepard to organize the first Larmar Tree Festival. At first only 200 came, most of them friends, but as time went by the number of participants grew and today it stands at over 5000. Over the span of 14 years the festival has grown from a one day event to a five day festival that sells out on tickets months in advance. You’ll have the opportunity to take pleasure in listening to the jazz and blues music during in an event that strongly maintains its roots and origins.

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