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Lake Eden Arts Festival



United States - Black Mountain


From: 2016.05.09 To: 2016.05.12



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Home of the mid-20th century avant-garde and postmodern poets, Black Mountain and its legendary college, occupy a special place in the history of American and world culture. Nowadays, Lake Eden Arts Festival, one of the best festivals in the southeast, revives the glory of this charming North Carolina town. The festival occurs twice a year on four stages located at the site of the historic Black Mountain College and features international and local music, handicrafts, dancing, cuisine, outdoor adventures, yoga, and more. The program puts special emphasis on young participants, allowing them to perform in front of their families and alongside established artists on a national stage. Since the attendance is limited to 6,000 people per day, tickets should be purchased in advance and are somewhat hard to come by. So, if you are lucky enough to make it to the festival, be prepared to camp under the sun and stars, in the mountains by the lake...

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