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La Tamborrada



Spain - San Sebastián


From: 2016.01.18 To: 2016.01.19



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Bring earplugs because millions of drumsticks fly during La Tamborrada, a deafening homage to this seaside city's patron saint, Donostia. From midnight until midnight everything in San Sebastian is silenced by the overwhelmingly loud drumbeats performed by flawlessly uniformed drummers on parade. Tambourines, bass drums, bongo drums and any other instrument that can be pounded on will sound during this loud holiday. The roots of it, like many of Spain's festivals, are a loose association with a deity and a tradition that has resulted in lots of partying. The story goes that in 1720 a baker was getting water from a fountain during a drought. Out of nowhere he began to sing, and when he did, a group of local girls behind him started pounding on their water basins to accompany him. To his glee, the water kept on flowing. Happy, they kept on drumming. Soon a crowd gathered. Time passed, and the next thing anyone knew it's been two hundred years, and the music hasn't stopped. Today, women and men, young and old enjoy making racket during this 24-hour nonstop drumming jam session.

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