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La Passió - The Passion



Spain - Esparraguera


From: 2016.03.03 To: 2016.05.01



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The 16th century grand theater of La Passio is the backdrop for the most moving drama in the Christian world: The Passion of the Christ. The play is staged on Sundays during the weeks preceding and following Easter Sunday. The Passion is reenacted throughout much of Catholic Spain, but the tradition is very strong in Esparraguera where amateur actors from the village have been staging the performance for centuries. In fact some acting roles in the play are handed down from father to son it is produced and interpreted by theatre amateurs from the town, that sometimes the role of the same character gets handed down from father to son. The Passion is divided into two parts: Fthe first is Christ's life, and the second his death and resurrection.

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