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La Ciaspolada



Italy - Valle di Non


From: 2016.01.06 To: 2016.01.06



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For generations the villagers living outside Trentino used snow-shoes as the only means of winter transport between their “maso” (a farm house in the mountain) and that of their neighbor. Today those snow-shoes return in the form of running shoes for winter athletes. La Ciaspolada, which means snow-shoe in the local dialect, is a footrace in the mountain snow. What started as a group of 30 locals has expanded to over 6,000 competitors in recent years. Nowhere is the popularity of this competition more evident than in the fact that Kenyan and Morroccan marathoners now decorate the leaderboard of this event. But you don't need to be a marathoner to participate. You don't even need your own snow shoes since rentals are available on the spot. So no more excuses, get out and push your athletic limits in a race like no other. Don't forgot to look around and the beauty of the mountains as you tromp around in your snow shoes.

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