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Kids’ Festival



Bosnia and Herzegovina - Sarajevo


From: 2016.06.10 To: 2016.06.14



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South Eastern Europe’s biggest youth event owes its success to the right combination of education and fun. The festival’s motto, “Europe! For every child” reflects the organizers’ aim to contribute to the education of the generation of kids who grew up without the experience of a war, able to enjoy everything that a prosperous, multicultural and democratic European society can offer them. Performances, workshops, films and booths devoted to entertaining more than 40.000 kids each year, giving a chance for children with different ethnic-cultural backgrounds to get in touch with each other, widen their knowledge and build new relationships. Children with special needs are also accommodated in every possible way to make the festival a great event for everyone. If you want your kids to experience something really different, or you want to see how the new generation is having fun, the Kids’ Festival awaits you!

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