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Khau Vai Love Market



Vietnam - Khau Vài


From: 2016.03.25 To: 2016.03.26



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The Khau Vai Love Market, held in northern Vietnam’s mountainous Ha Giang province, is an odd combination of wife swapping and a massive singles party. Once a year, on the 27th day of the third lunar month (sometime between late April and mid-May), the tiny village of Khau Vai fills up with hundreds of married men and women who gather to enjoy a brief reunion and a little stroll down memory lane with their old flames. No, it’s not a prelude to an attempt to set the Guinness record for mass divorce. Strange as it may sound, the participants have been given the go-ahead by their other half - in fact, many arrive together with their spouse! In the meantime, the younger generation is busy trying to find a partner.

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