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Kastav Carnival (Zvoncari)



Croatia - Kastav


From: 2016.01.17 To: 2016.02.22



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Zvoncari and their traditional carnival parades are among Croatia's best known carnival traditions. Zvoncari wear sailor's outfits, i.e. striped shirts, socks over white pants and wide bright red belts around the waist. The most important parts of their outfits are lamb pelts that they wear over the shoulder and the huge metal bells attached to their belts. Fully equipped zvoncari wear grotesque masks made of wood and cardboard as well as of parts of lamb or rabbit pelts, and sometimes have red noses and always have horns. Zvoncari are usually in groups and, depending on the village they come from, use different steps, meaning that the bells ring differently for different groups. When in front of a house or a crowd they collide on purpose in order to make their bells ring as loud as possible. Makes some noise!

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