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Karşıyaka Children’s Festival



Turkey - Karşıyaka


From: 2016.04.18 To: 2016.04.25



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Every year on the 23rd of April, Turkey celebrates its children. Most municipalities in the country organize special events for the little ones, but Karşıyaka has gone global in its efforts to unite children from several cultures. Over 5000 children invaded the city in the past editions in colorful folk outfits, in small and large groups, but always loud and as happy as can be. The event is structured around showing kids a good time, while involving them in dancing activities, trips, parades, and picnics. It's a wonderful opportunity for them to interact with children from different backgrounds while learning a little bit of ancient history. Ephesus, one of the most famous cities of the ancient world, is nearby, along with Artemis’ temple, considered to be an architectural wonder. Adults are also invited to the event, as long as they manage to behave themselves for a few days.

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