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Jules Verne Festival



France - Paris


From: 2016.04.27 To: 2016.04.29



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Science + fiction = the greatest artistic genre ever created. This festival takes the name of the great Jules Verne and takes you on a journey more exciting than the one to the centre of the earth, and more dangerous than one to the bottom of the sea - to Paris! Explorers and filmmakers, artists and scientists, movie stars and environmental heroes all flock to the event and are mobbed by unquenchably enthusiastic fans who pepper them with questions about the consistency of the science used in fictional settings. There's movie premieres, documentary competitions and the prestigious Jules Verne Awards gala, at which gongs are fiercely battled over with light sabres and tractor beams. Jules Verne put the spirit of adventure down on paper in a way that has spoken to millions around the world, come keep this spirit alive with thousands of like-minded SF aficionados.

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