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Jorvik Viking Festival



United Kingdom - York


From: 2016.02.11 To: 2016.02.19



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Witness a truly international celebration of York's heritage, as Vikings from all over the world descend on the city for the annual JORVIK Viking Festival. Get some hands-on experience of what it was like to be a Viking. More than 10,000 visitors turn up to York's annual Jorvik Festival to watch Norse warriors fight to the (mock) death with their enemies, the Saxons. This international celebration of York's heritage welcomes Vikings from all over the world, not only for ferocious and bloody battles, but also trade and an all-round commemoration of their shared heritage. There are over 100 specially organised arts, music, drama and action events throughout the city, including contributions from a host of special guests such as TV history presenter Dan Snow. York, most often associated historically with the Romans, was in fact ruled by Viking kings as Jorvik between 866AD and 952AD. The area where the Jorvik Centre is situated was excavated in the 1970s and visitors can now take a tour of the homes, shops and streets found by the archaeologists. There are also some chilling reconstructions - rolling heads and pungent alleys - to keep the kids amused.

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