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Johnny Appleseed Festival



United States - Fort Wayne


From: 2015.09.15 To: 2015.09.16



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If you'd like to go back about 200 years and take a stroll through an interactive museum under the open sky, try visiting Johnny Appleseed Festival this year. Inspired by John Chapman, a.k.a. Johnny Appleseed the an American explorer, this festival brings to life the spirit of Johnny and the exciting days in which he lived. Johnny earned his nickname Appleseed due to the many apple orchards that he planted in the region. Everything at this festival has a mark of that period - one can experience, with all the senses, the life of early explorers: you can eat the popular food from the time, buy crafts, enjoy the cultural offerings or learn more about Johnny and his contemporaries. There's an antique and primitive area, a kid’s corner, a settler’s area and a variety of interesting and educational shows. This event, with a few decades of tradition, is a real magnet for tens of thousands of visitors that come to the festival each year. Wake up your inner explorer and trek over to the Johnny Appleseed Festival this year.

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