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Janādirīyah Heritage and Cultural Festival



Saudi Arabia - Riyad


From: 2016.04.13 To: 2016.04.29



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Janādirīyah Heritage and Cultural Festival is one of the greatest festivals on earth! The richness and beauty of Saudi Arabia's culture and traditions are on full show. The event kicks off with a dynamic camel race, which hosts over 2,000 participants. Although a camel race might sound somewhat unusual, it is in fact more fast-paced than most of horse races, as camels can run at up to 65 km/hr! During the two weeks of the festival you will see splendid exhibits of arts and crafts created by brilliant artisans, who'll be happy to share with you their knowledge and skills. You'll also get a chance to listen to live folk music performances and learn national and traditional dances, such as the Ardha. We should also mention the variety of mouthwatering dishes you'll be able to sample during the festival, including shawarma, falafel, mutabbaq, kabsa, khobz and many others before your evening tea and shisha.

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