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Ironman New Zealand



New Zealand - Taupo Town District


From: 2016.03.03 To: 2016.03.03



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There are many tough men and women but only a few can be proud holders of the Iron (wo)man title. One of the places where you can see if you're really made of iron is Ironman New Zealand, a race that takes place in the town of Taupo. The amazing landscape around Taupo is stunning; the organizers claim it's a “beautiful place-beautiful race-beautiful people-beautiful experience”. However, competitors in this natural paradise have to shed, as Churchill would say, “blood, toil, tears and sweat” in order to be first. The participants, divided in various categories, compete in standard Ironman races that consist of running, swimming and cycling. If you wanna take part in this race, it’s good to know that locals are really into it and love to applaud the competitors by the race track. In case you are not made of iron, you can join them and support your favourite (wo)man and enjoy the wonderful landscape.

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