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Intl Festival of Contemporary Performance



Italy - Bologna


From: 2016.04.07 To: 2016.04.16



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The beauty of the contemporary genre is that it can consist of nearly anything. This is why one of the cultural centers of Italy, the city of Bologna, has created a festival where people can simply try and see whether their pieces are worth being shown to a huge audience. This is the International Festival of Contemporary Performance, where every year, hundreds of people submit what they think to be the most advanced and creative piece of art they can make. There is a theme for each session of the event, meaning that the artists have to be inspired by what the event is all about that specific year, and hope that the audience is going to love their piece. So whether you are an aspriring director or artist, you can enter your piece here; and if you don't think you really fit in, you can always be a member of the audience and have the privilege of watching these works or art.

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