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International Green Week



Germany - Berlin


From: 2016.01.20 To: 2016.01.29



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The food, agricultural and gardening sectors unite in an explosion of all things green and/or delicious at the annual International Green Week in Berlin this year. International producers of fruits, vegetables, fish, meat and milk flock to the International Green Week to show off their newest products to you, the consumer, and more give you free samples! Loosen those belt buckles and come with an empty stomach as the world's top class food and beverage producers attempt to woo you with free tasters. A wide variety of wine, beer and spirits will also be on display, and the East-West Agricultural Forum, which attracts 1000 high-level participants, as well as the International Forum for Agricultural Policy are the educational highlights of the International Green Week. So if you're a food lover don't miss out on the foodie event of the year and get yourself along to Berlin for the International Green Week.

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