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International Festival "Park Kievan Rus"



Ukraine - Kopachiv


From: 2016.04.23 To: 2016.04.23



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April 24 at the Culture and History of Kievan Rus 'Kievan Rus' Park begins a unique festival marathon that will last a whole year. Only in this day you can see all the participants of the annual festival on one big stage. Guests will meet the park funny clowns and show them the way to the fair masters, where deployed their tents craftsmen - potters, blacksmiths and carvers, many, many others. Drums herald the beginning of the action, turned the centuries-old wheel of history and shows to all guests park lives of our ancestors from distant times of Kyiv to the city's foundation day today. You'll see how they lived and how the clearing established cue town on the banks of the Dnieper, will be able to dive into the world of ancient rituals and find out how many centuries ago our ancestors maid and loose woman fertility god - Yarylo, and how glorious Russian soldiers fought with the nomads to protect their land, and how would get the most powerful warriors of "Ring of Fame. And then be transferred directly into medieval Europe, and will witness the exciting jousting matches, and romantic for the lady of the heart. And the next moment fully immerse yourself in the world of brick-busting action and extreme sports, because a dizzying view of the best stuntmen in Ukraine, will make you breathless watch an amazing stunts and sparkling sharpened fights. On this day, only a few moments to open the gates to other worlds and be here in the park fairy elves, wizards and other inhabitants of the fairy tale of your favorite novels, fantasy You expect a grand night show with theatrical performances, fire performance and stunning stunts At the end of the holiday for you will play the best bands of the medieval music But every scene - it is only a small part of what you'll see on each of the activities of the III International Festival "Park Kievan Rus' Program - Performances clubs historical reconstruction IX-XIvv., XIII and XVvv. - The performance horse and foot Stunt - Competitions in shooting of traditional archery - Competitions Role Costume - Theatrical ritual acts - Impressions etnomody and historical costume - Medieval merrymaking and fun for the spectators - The choirs of medieval music - A grand night show

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