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International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam



Netherlands - Amsterdam


From: 2015.11.14 To: 2015.11.25



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The much traveled canals of Amsterdam have been the subject of documentaries over the years, but at the end of November it is the cinemas and art houses along them in the developing Dutch metropolis that play host to documentaries on global topics. The International Documentary Film Festival screens nearly 200 documentaries on subjects ranging from the travails and successes of dollmakers to the lives of women trying to raise HIV-positive babies in the inner city. The festival, like many others of its ilk, has the component of competition as well: short documentaries as well as long documentaries are eligible to win awards, and there is a special category for films screened on the film festival circuit for the very first time. A trip among the canals to visit the International Documentary Film Festival is guaranteed to enhance your understanding of the world through the hundreds of real-life stories put onto film.

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