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International Circus Festival of Tomorrow



France - Paris


From: 2016.01.26 To: 2016.01.29



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A Zambian lady with a mischievous look in her eyes and bodysuit hugging her tight figure flies through the air, twisting… and turning into a contortionist from Japan, a serene smile on his face as he slowly packs himself into a box… which shoots out balls high into the air, each caught, played with and thrown again by a French juggler in a silly hat, who bows… and rises as the crowd goes wild, applauding the extravagant circus feast unfolding before their eyes. Back in 1977 Isabelle and Dominique Mauclair founded this festival to reward innovative, young talent in the world of circus skills. The party has not stopped since, with performers spinning, juggling and contorting their way to Paris each and every year in a bid to be rewarded for their extraordinary talents.

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