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International Chinese Culinary Competition



United States - New York


From: 2015.09.27 To: 2015.09.29



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Who doesn’t love Chinese food? A range of tastes from spicy to sweet make Chinese cuisine rich and simply exquisite. However, it is not really correct to say “Chinese food” because there are so many regional styles and techniques that make each of them truly unique. There is Szechuan, Shandong, Cantonese, Huaiyang, Northeastern and many others. International Chinese Culinary Competition aims at reviving traditional culinary techniques as well as promoting authentic Chinese cuisine. The best chefs from all over the world gather at Times Square to compete for awards in different categories. Thousands of people attend this event to witness spectacular cooking tricks and support the participants. Each contestant is required to prepare one dish of their choice and two required dishes chosen by the committee. They only have 60 minutes to complete the assignment, so, as you can imagine, only the best of the best participate in this competition. Take a trip to New York this year for one of the most fascinating culinary events.

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