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Interceltic Festival



France - Lorient


From: 2015.08.03 To: 2015.08.12



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Practically intergalactic, the Interceltic festival brings together Western European Celtic traditions in a ten-day festival that reunites Brittany with its Welsh roots. Every year there are upwards 300,000 spectators who enjoy the showcase of Celtic arts featuring performers from Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Asturias, Galicia, Isle of Man, and of course, Brittany. Prepare for breath-holding musical performances, as this is the place where the International Pipe Band Chapionships, and the National Breton Bagpipe championships take place. And don't be surprised to hear Celtic languages, including Breton, the old-tongue of Brittany that is similar to Cornish and Welsh. Visitors may even feel a tad Scottish, since in addition to music, the food, and traditional dances are reminiscent of the Scottish Ceilidh. But there's no way that the Brits of France's Brittany will let anyone forget where they are from, this is the one time of the year when their usually stubbornly independent streak all but vanishes as the region basks in the limelight.

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