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Independence Day Samoa



Samoa - Apia


From: 2016.06.01 To: 2016.06.01



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Sport, art and fun are blended together in the attractive celebration of Samoan Independence Day. This small island state in the Pacific commemorates its independence through interesting boat races, rugby games, boxing and other sporty activities, as well as with an attractive cultural offer that includes traditional music and dances. There is one interesting story to tell about this festivity - the state gained its independence on the first day of the year 1962, however, in order to avoid high concentration of public holidays in a short period of time, Samoans decided to move the celebration five months later. The organizers add a bit of formality to the event with a few speeches of high officials and the singing of the anthem of Samoa. This event brings locals together but it is also a big attraction for tourists interested in Samoan traditional culture and local popular sports.

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